We help youth determine their career goals.
We help Students
at School.
We give newcomer students the tools they need to succeed.
We help newcomers
settle here.
Our staff speak over
40 languages.


We stand with Ukraine

Learn how you can volunteer and support the Ukrainian community.

Explore some of our Newcomer Programs:


To access settlement programs and services at MCAF the first step is to meet with an intake worker.


Our team will connect with you before you leave your country of residence to give you the preparation you need to have a successful integration into Fredericton and the workforce.


Resettlement Assistance Program staff assist Government Assisted Refugees (GARs) with the immediate and short term needs of new arrivals to Fredericton.


We offer a continuum of programs to facilitate your integration and participation in the Greater Fredericton Area.

Language Classes

As Canada’s only officially bilingual province, we speak English, French, or both in New Brunswick. Newcomers can choose to integrate into the Anglophone and/or Francophone community.

Children & Youth

From guitar lessons to homework clubs, we have a wide variety of programs for children and youth at MCAF, in a safe place to have fun and make friends.


Our skilled Employment Coaches will guide you to determine your needs and together we will develop an action plan for your successful employment search in Canada.


We connect newcomers to local services in our community, making your settling process easier.


We match volunteers with newcomers in our settlement program. Volunteer experiences are not only personally rewarding, but they also develop valuable friendships, while learning about cultures, traditions, and customs.

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Our Mission

The Multicultural Association of Fredericton Inc. (MCAF) plays a vital role in establishing communication and fostering understanding between the community, settled immigrants and newcomers. MCAF accomplishes this by offering newcomers programs and services that promote diversity and inclusion.

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