Become a Volunteer at MCAF and Make a Difference

Who can become a MCAF volunteer?

Volunteers may be new to Canada themselves, long-term residents, or Canadian citizens.     

What might I do as a volunteer?

First Fredericton Friends provide newcomers with friendship, support and links to community resources and services. Volunteers in this program are encouraged to attend a volunteer training session, and then matched with a compatible (individual or family) newcomer. Matches are based on factors such as similar interests, family size, age, occupation, etc. 

Volunteers help newcomers get used to living in Canada in many ways including:

  • Offering social support and introduction to the community
  • Introducing their newcomer friend to places and people in the community (markets, grocery stores, community events/activities, parks,  etc.)
  • Practice conversation in English
  • Sharing and learning about each other’s traditions and customs
  • Exchanging ideas, information and resources

English and French tutors meet weekly with newcomer participants (one-on-one) or in small conversation groups. Tutors provide extra help or an opportunity for newcomers to practice their English or French. Volunteers develop their teaching skills and learn more about other cultures.

Mentors share their knowledge about their occupation/profession, the local labour market and the community with newcomers of the same or comparable occupation. Mentors provide informal advice, connections, and moral support to the newcomer. This often allows the skilled newcomer to enter the job market at a level comparable with his/her training and education.

Event volunteers learn about new cultures and make new friends while helping to organize and support community events.

Newcomer youth are encouraged to volunteer in our Summer Camps, which is an excellent way to build their resume.

Community Connections

The Community Connections Program matches volunteers with newcomers in our settlement program.  When you become a volunteer at MCAF you help newcomers settle into our community.  Volunteers tell us their experiences are not only personally rewarding, but they also develop valuable friendships, while learning about cultures, traditions, and customs.


Foods and Friendship Creating Connection

Follow these steps to become a volunteer:

1. Fill out an Application Form

Download an Application Form here.

2. Submit Required Documents

  • a current criminal record check for vulnerable populations
  • resume
  • signed MCAF Volunteer and Confidentiality Agreement

3. Volunteer Training

All applicants will receive an orientation package and additional training as needed.

Once you have completed this 3-step process, we will contact you to get started as a volunteer at the Multicultural Association of Fredericton!

Do you have any questions?

Contact us at to learn more.