Newcomer children

The MCAF Programs for Newcomer Children are for children between ages 6 months-12 years. These programs provide safe, educational spaces for children to have fun and make new friends. 

Care for Newcomer Children (CNC)

On-site childcare is available for clients in English language classes. MCAF CNC qualified staff provide a caring, safe and welcoming environment for children aged six months to five years old.

After School Program

The After School Program for newcomer children aged six to twelve is available during the school year. Activities include:

  • homework club
  • recreational opportunities
  • arts and crafts projects 
  • music, drama and dance
Music Classes

Music classes meet multiple times a week and include guitar, piano, and music theory lessons. Participants in the program have an opportunity to showcase their talents at various events in the community.

Contact us at to learn more about Music Classes.

Rainbow of Cultures Summer Camps

The Rainbow of Cultures Summer Camps (ROCs) are six-week camps for children between the ages of 5 and 12 from diverse cultural backgrounds. The ROCs summer Camps include newcomers, longer settled, and Canadian born children in the greater Fredericton area. Since 1994, the MCAF ROCs have provided a safe space and environment for children to exchange cultures, make lasting friendships, and enjoy a summer filled with fun and stimulating activities.

Rainbow of Cultures summer camps provide enriching experiences in discovering the joy in similarities, we share and differences we celebrate. These ROC camps have had great success in facilitating cross-cultural friendships and understanding while providing the children with a safe space and environment to make friends and to practice English while their parents attend language classes.

Children learn about other cultures and gain an understanding of diversity while participating in music, art, games, and sports. You can register for one week, or all 6 weeks of camps!

To register or for more information:

Download the Rainbow of Cultures Registration Form and send it to