Cultural Brokers

The MCAF invites newcomers and longer settled immigrants with a high level of English and French language skills, and representing diverse ethno-cultural and linguistic communities, to participate in various workshops and train as a Cultural Broker.

Cultural brokers are connected with newcomers who are facing multiple barriers to settlement and integration. A cultural broker will enhance access to community services for the newcomer, and supports organizations in the community who wish to offer culturally sensitive and inclusive services to newcomers.

Contact us at :

  • if you are a community or government service provider wishing to learn more about MCAF cultural brokers and how to integrate them in your services.
  • if you are an immigrant interested to learn more about MCAF Cultural Brokers program and how to get involved.

In partnership with the Beaverbrook Art Gallery a group of MCAF Cultural Brokers participated in a series of workshops and became trained gallery docents. As gallery docents these cultural brokers introduce newcomers to the Beaverbrook Art Gallery exhibitions.

2019 Workshops for Cultural Brokers and Community Service Providers: