Diversity and Inclusion in Schools

The Diversity and Inclusion in Schools project is coordinated by MCAF in partnership with the Greater Fredericton Area schools and ethno-cultural groups. The goal is to enhance awareness and understanding of cultural diversity and promote an inclusive and welcoming community in schools and the broader community. Every year thousands of students participate in this program from local schools.

Special Activities

MCAF offers Diversity and Inclusion presentations in schools and in the community. Presentations include music, dance and/or craft workshops, inclusion games and interactive discussions on “how can we promote diversity and inclusion in our school.”

We also celebrate:

  • Black History Month, February
  • United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, March 21
  • World Refugee Day, June 20
  • Canadian Multiculturalism Day, June 27
  • Canada Day, July 1

Contact us at DIS@mcaf.nb.ca to learn more.