Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-racism in Schools and Community

The Multicultural Association of Fredericton Inc (MCAF) celebrates the diverse cultures, backgrounds and experiences that make our community vibrant and strong. We are dedicated to promoting diversity, inclusion and fostering an anti-racist environment.

Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-racism in Schools and Community (DIAR) is designed to enrich public education on inclusion and promote cultural diversity to create a supportive environment for inter-cultural exchange where individuals of all origins feel recognized, respected and included in the schools and community. 

To arrange a DIAR presentation in your school or to partner with MCAF to organize pro-diversity activities contact the DIAR project coordinator:  DIS@mcaf.nb.ca

MCAF Programs in the Schools

Interactive Presentations: Students participate in activities, including:

  • PowerPoint presentation on diversity, inclusion and anti-racism
  • Interactive discussions about racism & how to deal with it
  • Inclusion games and short films

Each presentation is tailored to different age groups.

Pro-diversity activities: DIAR supports school and community activities, promoting diversity and inclusion through performances, display, games and workshops.

MCAF Programs in the Community

Living Library: “Living Books” from diverse backgrounds share their personal stories and lived experiences through a 20-minute chat.

Anti-Racism Panel Discussion: The public is invited to hear panelists from diverse backgrounds discussing the impact of racism, and strategies for promoting racial equality.

Multicultural Art workshops: Participants explore diverse cultures by creating art (drawing, painting, crafts).

Art in the Park Benches Project: Newcomer artists painted colourful benches representing their culture throughout the city of Fredericton.

Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-racism in Schools and Community (DIAR)

Understanding Racism and
Celebrating Diversity

This booklet was created by MCAF to address and challenge racism in our community. Our goal is to create an inclusive and supportive environment for intercultural exchange where individuals of all origins feel recognized, respected and included in our schools and community.

Diversity Mural

Diversity Mural was created by artists from diverse cultures to showcase flowers, animals and objects representing over 36 cultures. The mural celebrates the beauty and strength of cultural diversity in Fredericton, and is located at 28 Saunders Street.

DIAR Videos

Let’s Talk About Race: The story is adapted from Let’s Talk About Race written by Julius Lester and narrated by Alex Landine.

Diversity Books

Explore our online library of curated Diversity Books, which includes read aloud videos of many children’s books.

Success Stories

 We share local newcomer stories of resilience, strength, and success. Read about successful newcomer business owners in Fredericton, pre-arrival success stories, employment, settlement, and the MCAF Award of Excellence recipients.

Events we Recognize

Black History Month


United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

March 21

World Refugee Day

June 20

National Indigenous People’s Day

June 21

Canadian Multiculturalism Day

June 27

National Day of Truth and Reconciliation

September 30