Newcomer Employment Services for Adults

To register for Newcomer Employment Services for Adults, complete and submit the MCAF Intake FormTo learn more about our services, email us.

Newcomer Employment Services for Adults (NESA) offers a variety of services to enhance understanding of the Canadian labour market work culture. Employment Coaches assist newcomers, pre-arrival and post-arrival, to successfully apply their skills in the Canadian work force.

Offer training, tools and strategies including:

  • Resume building strategies
  • Interview skills and networking
  • Career information and recruitment sessions
  • Occupation specific bridging programs
  • Skills enhancement training including:
    • First Aid and CPR
    • Food Safety Certification
    • Workplace Essential Skills Training (WES)
    • Portfolio Development (PLAR)
    • Cultural Competency Training (CCT)

The MCAF Newcomer Computer Lab (NCLC) offers free access to computers for job search and resume preparation.

This program promotes the fair and accurate recognition of qualification and skills of immigrants by regulatory organizations and employers.

You will be connected with a mentor from your desired profession. Mentors provide professional advice, networking and support.

AICLF provides micro loans to assist internationally trained immigrants to overcome financial barriers to becoming licensed to practice in Canada.