MCAF Response to Syrian Refugee Crisis
First Fredericton Friends
(Call for Volunteers)

Syria’s civil war is the worst humanitarian tragedy of our time. Almost 12 million Syrians are either refugees or internally displaced. The Government of Canada has committed to resettle Syrian refugees through the Government Assisted Refugee process. The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) has requested over 1.15 million refugee resettlement spaces to assist in the crisis.

FIRST FREDERICTON FRIEND(S): Volunteers (Canadian-born and/or settled immigrants) will be matched with newly arrived newcomer(s) to meet once a week for two hours or more (volunteers share time and friendship with immigrants during the critical first six months) for conversation, friendship building, and to introduce them to their new community. MCAF will try to match you with a newcomer(s) with similar interests and the same gender.

Volunteer Application