What is a Settlement Worker in Schools? (SWIS)

Schools in Fredericton have a School Settlement Worker (SWIS).  This person works for the Multicultural Association of Fredericton.  The SWIS will visit you at school or at home. Their job is to help you feel comfortable and do well in your new school.

How do we help?

We teach you and your parents how Canadian schools may be different.  When you are better prepared,  you can more easily make new friends.  You know what to do to become a successful student.

At the same time we teach you Canadian ways, we support you to keep the traditional values important to you.  We speak with your parents, teacher or principal whenever you need our help.

What happens before starting school?

Step 1: English or French School?

When you first arrive, we help you choose between our French and English schools.

Step 2: Registering at School

When you are in your home, we help you find the right school and we register you as a student.

Step 3:  Learning about the School

We show you and your parents the school.  We also explain to you the things you can do after class, like clubs and sports programs.  We answer any questions you may have about the school.

Step 4:  Learning about the Student
We get to know your needs better.  We share this with the school so they know what to do to help you be happy and successful.

What happens after starting school?

Regular Visits
We visit you throughout the school year. We check to make sure you are settling in well to the school and the city.

Special Supports
We can provide you extra help at school.  Examples include:

  • tutoring
  • information sessions
  • leadership workshops
  • help to join fun activities
  • help to make friends

Help to Solve Problems
If problems happen at school, we try to help. Examples include:

  • talking to parents, teachers, principals
  • connecting you to guidance counselors
  • providing you with educational assistants
  • involving other services or help providers

We want to support you now to have the best possible school experience.  If one day you do not need us, we will be happy you have become an independent member of our community.

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