Recruiting newcomers allows you to leverage the motivation, skills and experience of newcomers in your workplace.
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As Fredericton becomes a more diverse and multicultural community, our labour force will benefit greatly from the skills and experience of newcomers. MCAF’s employment staff take the time to understand each employer’s unique staffing needs, pre-screen and identify the best newcomer candidate to meet those needs.

Employment Coaches can also recommend wage subsidy programs for qualified employers and employees.

Cultural Competency Training (CCT) for the workplace
In the workplace it is crucial for the whole team to be culturally aware and learn how to work with people from multiple and diverse backgrounds. 

Fostering diversity in your organization can unlock tremendous creativity, new perspectives and enable you to better understand and respond to the needs of your customers, both locally and in foreign markets. Having a diverse workforce is to your company’s advantage, as multicultural teams have been shown to drive productivity and innovation and contribute to a competitive edge.

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New Brunswick employment programs:


If your company wants to hire a newcomer, send us your job ad with the info below to

• Job Title:
[Job title/position name] – [Engaging lead, for example, one to three attractive things about the job]

• Company intro / summary:
[One emotive paragraph detailing your company history, core values, principles and/or diversity and inclusion statement]

• Job description (duties / expectations):
[Bullet list or short paragraph including at least three essential requirements and tasks of the job]

[One paragraph including necessary qualifications in order to be successful in the role] – [High School Diploma, for example]

**Top benefits or perks:
As a team member at [Company name], you’ll enjoy:
[Bullet list or write a short paragraph of three to five details that applicants will find most enticing about the job position.] For example:
– Benefits: Health care, dental, life insurance
– Career development: Entry-level employees have opportunities to work in management, HR or other areas of the company
– Flexible work schedule

• Location:
[one to two sentences describing where the job is located and some attractive features of the area]

• Salary/Hourly Rate:
[As accurately as possible, provide a salary or hourly rate range to help gauge interest]

• Contact/application information:
Include all essential contact information as well as clear directions on how to apply for the open job position. If you have an application deadline, make sure to also include it here.

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