Multicultural Shared Spaces (MSS)

Multicultural Shared Spaces (MSS) provides small and emerging ethno-cultural communities in the Greater Fredericton Area with access to:
  • office space for administrative purposes
  • computers, printers and photocopying
  • meeting space
  • classroom(s) for cultural activities including art classes, first language classes, dance rehearsal, meetings and wellness activities.
  • gym time for sporting activities
  • Large event space and a licensed commercial kitchen for large events such as holiday gatherings, New Year celebrations and other cultural events.
  • Training including:
    • Cultural Competency Training
    • First Aid and CPR Training
    • Community Interpreter Training
    • Food Safety Training and Certification
    • Food Mentor training
    • Media training
    • Digital Literacy training
    • Language Cafes
    • Introduction to diverse leisure activities including sports, art, dance, music, choir etc.
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MSS offers resources to bring together ethno-cultural groups to design activities and events to share their culture and to support integration and the full participation of emerging diverse ethno-cultural groups in our community.

MSS also engages the Fredericton community and key stakeholders, including seniors, family groups and youth, to interact with newcomers and diverse cultures to increase their awareness of diversity and to create an inclusive and welcoming community.

To access the MSS resources, ethno-cultural associations must become a member of the Multicultural Association of Fredericton. To join MCAF, please visit this page.

Please contact us at if your association/group would like to take part in this project.