Newcomer Youth Programs and Services

The Multicultural Association of Fredericton Inc. (MCAF) settlement staff ensure newcomer students and parents are aware of their right to choose the francophone or anglophone education systems in New Brunswick.

The Multicultural Association of Fredericton Inc. (MCAF) Newcomer Youth Programs are geared to youth (13-29). The program provides a safe place to have fun, make friends, and share ideas and experiences with other immigrant youth while learning more about the community. 

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Settlement Workers in Schools (SWIS)

The MCAF Settlement Workers in Schools (SWIS) program offers settlement services to newcomer students and their families in the Fredericton and surrounding area who choose English or French immersion schools.  In partnership with local schools, the Anglophone School District and community partners, SWIS workers support students to learn about and to integrate into their new school and community.

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Program Liaison Francophone (PLF)

The MCAF Program Liaison Francophone (PLF) program offers settlement services to newcomer francophone and allophone families who choose to integrate into the francophone community and school system. 

Homework support is available to youth on a weekly basis throughout the school year. Homework clubs are offered in partnership with community volunteers for French and English homework support.

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Newcomer Scholarship

The Newcomer Scholarship provides financial assistance to attend post-secondary institutions in Fredericton. Funds are raised through donations and MCAF special events.

Download the application form if you wish to apply for a scholarship.

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Training and Employment for Newcomer Youth

Employment and career bridging services at MCAF support youth to:

  • Understand the Canadian workplace and culture
  • Apply for training, further studies, student loans, and scholarships
  • Set career goals, learn how to look for jobs and network


The Engaging in the Arts program provides an opportunity for youth to express themselves and enhance their skills through artistic pursuits. Youth can participate in a variety of programs, workshops and training opportunities facilitated by artists from the Fredericton community. 

  • Music: piano and guitar
  • Dance  
  • Photography classes  
  • Art Classes


The Newcomer Youth Participation in Sports is designed to give youth the knowledge, resources, skills, and confidence to join in local sports. 

Sports programs include soccer, skating, tennis and more. The Newcomer Youth Bike Project works with youth to refurbish donated bicycles. Youth are encouraged to participate in bicycle repair and safety workshops and given a bicycle. 

Support Groups and Services

The Guys or Girls Youth Support Groups offer a safe, supportive, and fun environment for youth to meet other newcomer youth and make new friends.  Group members learn more about their community by participating in fun activities and outings.

Buddy Up! Mentoring Matches

The Buddy Up! Program matches newcomer youth between ages 14-21 with university and community college students who provide mentorship, friendship and support. 

Youth Leadership/Volunteer

The Youth Leadership/Volunteer opportunities offered by MCAF provide a fun, youth-centred creative hub. Youth develop lasting friendships, get involved in their community, and complete a volunteer certificate program, all while enhancing their leadership skills.

Support Services

The Newcomer Youth Case Manager supports and accompanies youth to access programs, services and resources at MCAF and community organizations to support their settlement journey. Additional supports may include crisis counselling, navigation of social services and legal proceedings.