Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP)

MCAF Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP) staff welcome Government Assisted Refugee (GAR) arrivals at the Fredericton airport. RAP staff assist with the immediate and short term needs of new arrivals, including interpretation and transportation to temporary accommodation. 

The government of Canada, through the Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP), provides financial assistance to GARs for basic needs such as food, housing, transportation, etc.  The amount varies depending on the number and ages of family members. GAR families receive financial support for a maximum of one year or until they are financially self-sufficient.   

During the first 4-6 weeks following arrival in Canada, RAP staff support GAR clients to: 

  • Access emergency & initial healthcare services, permanent accommodation, household supplies, English or French language classes and First Fredericton Friends

Receive orientation to:

  • Mandatory federal and provincial programs –Social Insurance Number (SIN), Interim Federal Health Program, NB Medicare, Canada Child Benefit, etc.
  • Canadian life skills, culture and society   
    • Canada’s financial system, bank account and budgeting 
    • Housing
    • Public education
    • Public transportation and neighborhood orientation
    • 911 emergency services
    • N.B’s healthcare system
    • Rights and responsibilities
  • Programs for children and youth
  • Employment support services

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