Settlement Workers in Schools (SWIS)

The MCAF Settlement Workers in Schools (SWIS) offer settlement services to newcomer students and their families in the Fredericton and surrounding area who choose English schools or French immersion schools. In partnership with local schools, the Anglophone School District and community partners, SWIS workers support students to learn about and to integrate into their new school and community.

Goals of the SWIS Program
  • Provide supports to newcomers and facilitate their successful settlement, integration and participation in Anglophone and French immersion schools and community
  • Provide culturally sensitive and inclusive services to newcomer students, their families, school staff and community partners
  • Support on-going development and maintenance of English and French language skills and promote Fredericton’s growth through immigration
  • Collaborate with community partners to promote diversity and inclusion in schools and in the community
  • Facilitate enrollment and participation of newcomer children and youth in:

• Tutoring and homework clubs

• MCAF After School Program

• Rainbow of Cultures Summer Camps

• Other summer programming opportunities

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RESOURCE – The Newcomer’s Guide to the Canadian School System

Join our after school Homework Club, where you will have access to tutors to help you.

SWIS workers collaborate with school staff and community partners to ensure that the needs of newcomer students and families are identified, met and supported.

We orient the student and parents with a school tour, conduct a needs assessments for each student and family, and provide an overview of extra-curricular programs.