Shopping & Nutrition

There are different types of stores in Fredericton. These are a few of the most common:

  • • Large department stores which carry a variety of items like clothing, furniture, electronics, cosmetics (Sears, Zellers, Walmart);
    • Supermarkets sell mostly food and some necessities (Atlantic Superstore, Sobey’s);
    • Specialty stores focus on a particular product line or general area such as hardware or shoes ( Home hardware, Canadian Tire);
    • Specialty stores Small convenience stores or corner stores carry basic necessities and are usually conveniently located in residential areas.

Different stores charge different prices for food, clothing, and other things you need to live. You may want to ask your relatives, friends, or coworkers where they shop for good prices. There are also special services or stores in many communities where you can find different items for free or a low price. Store hours vary. Some are open Monday through Friday, some six or seven days a week. The eight days per year on which most stores must close are: New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Labour Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Since 1996, stores have not been required to close on Boxing Day, December 26. Hours of operation for retail businesses are determined by municipal by-laws.


When you purchase a product or service in New Brunswick, you will normally have to pay federal and provincial tax on it. Both taxes are put on almost all goods and services, which means that you will have to pay 14% more that the price that is displayed.

Forms of Payment

For your convenience, it is good to determine payment options in a particular store before you start your shopping. It is also helpful to find out about return/exchange policy, which varies from store to store and for different products. If your purchase is not ‘final sale’, you should keep a receipt in case you decide to exchange/return it. Most stores accept one or more of the following types of payment:

  • • Cash;
    • Debit (bank) cards;
    • Credit cards, Store credit cards (Sears store card, Canadian Tire store card);
    • Personal cheques.

Shopping Center

Regent Mall Shopping Center                                          1381 Regent St.                    462-0350/452-1005

Brookside Mall Shopping Center                                     435 Brookside Dr.                 458-9038

Fredericton Mall Shopping Center                                  1150 Prospect St.                  458-9226

CrimeKing’s Place mall Shopping Center                       440 King St                            458-8395

Second-Hand Stores

Salvation Army                                                               410 Aberdeen St.                   455-9736

King Street Trading Post                                               381 King St.                           455-7355

Digital World                                                                   140 Dundonald St.                455-2274

Value Village                                                                   371 Bishop Drive                  455-7676

Jingler’s (Clothing)                                                        924 Prospect St.                    454-5758

Fredericton Anti Poverty Organization (FAPO)           242 Gibson St.                      458-9012

RenNeu Clothing                                                             349 King St.                         450-3222

Nutrition (Food)

Atlantic Superstore                                                      471 Smythe St. (South side)              459-3544

                                                                                       116 Main St. (North side)                    474-1270

Sobey’s                                                                         407 Regent St. (South side)                453-7761

                                                                                       1150 Prospect St. (South side)           458-8891

                                                                                       463 Brookside Dr. (North side)           450-4141

Victory Meat Market                                                     334 King St.                                          458-8480

M&M Meat Shop                                                           1111 Regent St (South side)                459-5651            

Bulk Barn                                                                     1055 Prospect St                                  453-0537

Boyce Farmer’s Market
(Saturday mornings 6am-1pm)                                    665 George St                                      451-1815

True Food Organics                                                     207 Charlotte St.                                  459-4333

Scoop & Save                                                               934 Prospect St.                                  459-7676

Friendship Convenience Store
(Chinese grocery store)                                               606 Albert St                                        459-3077

Mail’n Mart (Indian grocery store)                               1111 Regent St                                     450-4080

Riverside Quick Mart (Indian grocery store)               79 Riverside Dr.                                   472-4429

Lee’s C-Mart (Korean grocery store)                           79 292 University Ave.                        454-2242

Saigon Department Store                                             495 Wilsey Road                                 452-8991