Social Insurance Number

How do I get a Social Insurance Number?

A Social Insurance Number (SIN) is a nine-digit identification number given to you for the purposes of income tax, Child Tax Benefit, Employment Insurance, old age pension or other government programs. You need a Social Insurance Number to work in Canada. Your Social Insurance Number (SIN) comes in the form of a card. This card is often called your SIN Card. Most newcomers receive a Social Insurance Number (SIN) application form when they first arrive in Canada. If you did not get one, application forms are available at Human Resource and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) offices, Canada Post offices, on-line, and through many immigrant-serving agencies. More Information on protecting your SIN card is also available in different languages. To apply, go to the nearest Human Resource Development Canada (HRDC) office. In Fredericton, this office is located at 633 Queen Street. The application form must be filled out and original (not photocopied) passports and/or immigration documents must be presented. If you are a Permanent Resident, you must present your Permanent Resident Card (PR Card). If you have not yet received your PR Card, you must present your original Confirmation of Permanent Residence document. In New Brunswick only, you may apply for a Social Insurance Number by telephone. This is the fastest and easiest way to obtain your SIN. Call toll-free 1-888-428-0888 to speak with someone in either French or English. You will be given your SIN number over the telephone, and may begin working immediately. The actual card will arrive in the mail within two weeks. You need to have your immigration document in front of you when you call. You will be asked several questions to verify your identity. You can apply for any dependant under the age of 19. You cannot apply for your husband or wife (or any other adult over 19) if they are not with you at the time of the call. If you are helping someone else make the phone call, that person must be with you, and be able to say a few words on the phone to verify their identity and to give permission for you to speak on their behalf. The type of questions you will be asked are: Your full name, your Immigration Client ID number, your date of birth, your father’s first name and your mother’s maiden name. Note: Maiden name means the surname your mother was born with. In some cultures, including Canada, many women choose to take their husband’s surname when they marry. In this case, her maiden name means the name she used before she married. If this is not the custom in your family, simply give your mother’s surname when they ask for her maiden name. The reason for asking about your mother and father, is in the case there is another individual in Canada with your same name and date of birth. Giving the names of your parents will clearly identify you from the other person.