Success Story: Jean Claude Nzisabira

My name is Jean Claude Nzisabira, I moved to Canada on 23rd March 2017. 

I come from Kampala Uganda where we were settled as refugees. 

In Uganda, we were living in a bad situation where we could not afford basic things like food, clothing, medical, education …. on top of that there was no security. It was a life with no hope of a future. 

We were more than happy the day we knew that we are moving to Canada and Canada was my dream country to live in. 

My family members and I arrived in Fredericton on 24th March 2017, we were warmly welcomed at YFC airport by MCAF staff Gerard, Mani and Akassa. MCAF provided us a house to stay in, they prepared food for us etc. MCAF provided initial support to settle in Fredericton by helping us to get documents, apartment, shop and they educated us about Canadian culture about what to do and what we can’t do, how to behave in public etc.

After we were settled in Fredericton, MCAF helped us to improve English by getting us in English classes. While we were in English classes Gerard MCAF staff introduced us to MCAF staff Azza who is Newcomer Bridging Coordinator. Azza advised me to continue to study in college or High school depending on level of study. After that I was advised to apply for IT courses at Eastern College and they were offering newcomer bursary.

MCAF helped me to prepare resume and motivation letter. I applied for it and got it, at some time I got an opportunity for Job at Xplornet a contact center. MCAF helped with application, writing resume and cover letter and they were my reference.

I took a 49 week program (Network Support Specialist) at Eastern College while I was working full time as Technical support at XPlornet. I graduated with Distinction, I hold Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate certificate and Comptia A+ Certificate.

After studying, I applied at Service New Brunswick in Technology service. I got a job there as a Deskside Support Technician. I’m happy for that. I have some goals to achieve in this country of opportunities especially in Fredericton as it is welcoming many tech companies. Now in 1 year and 6 months in Canada, I hold a Canadian diploma and I have a job in my career. 

I encourage other newcomers to work and study.

Jean Claude Nzisabira

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