Training and Employment for Newcomer Youth

The Multicultural Association of Fredericton Inc. (MCAF) Training and Employment for Newcomer Youth (TENY) services coach newcomer youth to prepare for and to find jobs in Fredericton. 

TENY services provide information, training, and networking opportunities to support newcomer youth as they explore their career and educational pathways and goals.

To register for training or employment services, make an appointment with a settlement and intake worker.

To learn more email us.

Skills Launch Program

This 10 month full-time Bridging Program is designed to support immigrant youth ages 18 – 30, with gaps in their formal education, to explore their career options and gain local work experience. Skills Launch participants: 

  • Learn about various occupations and Canadian workplace culture  
  • Evaluate career goals and gain new skills
  • Complete health and safety training, including First Aid and CPR
  • Complete Workplace Essential Skills (WES) and English Secondary Language training
  • Complete a 26-week, paid work placement

To see if you qualify for this program contact the Skills Launch coordinator at MCAF:

To watch a video about the Skills Launch Program, click here.

Part-time and Summer Jobs

Explore the local job market and develop your own employment goals.

Learn how to:

  • Search for jobs using both online tools and in person strategies
  • Successfully submit job applications
  • Prepare your resume and practice your interview skills

Learn about Canadian Work Culture:

  • soft skills for the Canadian workplace
  • workplace safety, rights and responsibilities
  • Build your network
  • Learn about volunteer opportunities, work placements and summer jobs
  • Meet with local employers, attend job fairs
  • Access online job search sites
  • Attend networking events
Resources for Youth

 Receive workplace training such as: 

  • Workplace Essential Skills Training (WES) 
  • First Aid and CPR
  • English classes, tutors and homework clubs
  • Food Safety Certification
  • Baby-sitter’s training course
  • Cultural Brokers Training

Explore further education, training opportunities and goal setting: 

  • Learn about training and educational opportunities  
  • Apply for college or university, student loans and scholarships